How to prepare a Lesson Plan

Jim sensei  By Jim Mansfield


1.  Is my aim definite? Is it clearly expressed in the best English possible? Is it  expressed in terms of specific knowledge, habit, skill or attitude?


Subject Matter:

1.  Is my subject matter suitable to the needs and different abilities of my students?

2.  Is my matter definite? Is it within the scope of the requirement in the Course of Study for the Level of students.

3. Has it any practical bearing upon the daily activities of my students?



1. Do I have devices to make my teaching clear, concrete, and more comprehensive to my students?

2. Are my devices properly prepared to help me during the entire course semester.



1. Is my method practical?

2. Are my steps clear and arranged properly for the students to see what I aim to Teach?

3. Is the Lesson a dull Lesson? review? development?

4. If my method deals mainly with the teaching of a new fact does it follow at least these steps:

a. Teaching new fact or principle.

b. Impressing the new fact or principle, by examples, illustrations, comparison and contrast.

c. Generalization of forming the rule for the new taught, fact or principle.

d. Testing the Students on the new fact or principle.