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News letter 2014.04.23

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Today’s Contents

  1. Event Information
  2. Questionnaire on CEFR and CEFR-J
  3. News Focus: Give Your Money Away
  4. Teacher Talk: How to improve your Lesson Plan

Event Information


Developing essential skills for academic success

– Mike Boyle

Wednesday, 7 May 2014 from 15:00 to 16:00 (BST)readmore




188JALT PanSIG 2014

Date: 10 – 11 May

Place: Miyazaki Municipal University readmore

Questionnaire on CEFR and CEFR-J

We are conducting an awareness questionnaire on CEFR and CEFR-J. We would appreciate if you would take a few minutes to complete this.

Everyone who completes the survey will be given one month FREE access to Read Smart Readers E-Books! (Available from May1 to May31 2014)

Due Date: Monday, 28th April


News Focus : English Teaching Resource


In News Focus #46, we head to the Sam Simon Foundation in Malibu, Florida. Mr. Simon is a multimillionaire who is giving his money away to stray dogs. Sam Simon makes his money from the Simpsons, the animated TV sitcom. Click here to learn more about the charities that Simon supports and why he is giving his money away. readmore

Teacher Talk

Jim-sensei-225x300How to improve your Lesson Plan

By Jim Mansfield (Kansai University)

To improve your lesson plan and help teachers use effectively the different tentative objectives, courses of study, manuals, basic textbooks, circulars memoranda, bulletins, and other printed suggestions issued to the field the following points are suggested: readmore



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