How to improve your Lesson Plan

Jim senseiBy Jim Mansfield


To improve your lesson plan and help teachers use effectively the different tentative objectives, courses of study, manuals, basic textbooks, circulars memoranda, bulletins, and other printed suggestions issued to the field the following points are suggested:



(1)  Definite aim or aims stated in terms of objective skills, habits, knowledge, attitudes,etc.

(2)  Sources of subject matter with the page or pages of the manual, courses of study, objectives, textbook, and other references, if any and the list of key expressions to be used in development lessons in such subjects as Language, Elementary Science, Social Science, Health and Conduct etc.

(3)  Method or procedure embodying the names of devices to be used, list of suggested steps, and a few guiding questions covering the substance of the lesson or unit or an outline of the subject matter specially in the Intermediate grades.

(4)  Assignment containing the page or pages of the next lesson, vocabulary for home study and dictionary work, a series of well organized questions to clear up a problem, or to direct the pupils to concentrate on the substance of the assigned lesson, or exercises and problems to work out and a list of references, citing pages, designed to enrich the basic materials in connection with the lesson.

(5)  Plans while kept short should contain the necessary essentials.