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[Level 4: Pre-Intermediate] England
ブラドン レイチェル

England is only a small country: about 640 kilometres from north to south, and 480 kilometres across its widest part. But some of the world’s greatest writers are from England, and many of the most popular sports started here. In England, you can find busy exciting cities, some of the oldest buildings in the world and also beautiful countryside. English society today is modern and multicultural, but the country also has an amazing and ancient history. And of course its language is one of the most widely spoken in the world. Welcome to England, where the first steam trains were built, where 100 million cups of tea are drunk every day, where people throw cakes in the air as they run, and where you can visit some of the world's most famous sights.

    ● 96 pages
  • ● 14568 words in length

※Available with CD ¥1,400(without tax)(ISBN978-1-3800-4099-2)
イギリスは約640 km×480 kmという小さな国だが、世界的にも有名な著者を輩出し、数多くの人気スポーツを生み出している。発展した都市だけではなく、世界で最も古いビルや自然豊かな田舎も楽しめ、モダンな多文化社会と奥深い歴史が入り交じる。建築学や食文化など幅広い分野で世界に影響を与え、成長してきたイギリスを丁寧に説明する。

    ● 96ページ
  • ● 総語数14568語

※CD付(2枚) ¥1,400(税抜) (ISBN978-1-3800-4099-2)

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