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  • Conspiracy Theories
    世界「とんでも」 陰謀説
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  • 初版発行:2014年10月
  • レベル:2
  • シリーズ:Read Smart Readers
  • 判型:新書サイズ

Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories
世界「とんでも」 陰謀説
Did a UFO crash land in Roswell in 1947? How did Marilyn Monroe die? Who really shot JFK? Did Neil Armstrong walk on the moon? Was Princess Diana's death really an accident? How did the twin towers fall so quickly on 9.11? Is the government really watching us? Selected famous conspiracy theories from the US and UK are explained. YOU, the reader, are then asked to decide whether you believe the official story or the conspiracy theory. Did a UFO crash land in Roswell in 1947? How did Marilyn Monroe die? Who really shot JFK? Did Neil Armstrong walk on the moon? Was Princess Diana's death really an accident? How did the twin towers fall so quickly on 9.11? Is the government really watching us? Selected famous conspiracy theories from the US and UK are explained. YOU, the reader, are then asked to decide whether you believe the official story or the conspiracy theory.
Andy Boon




Read Smart Readers [レベル別]英語ポケット文庫Read Smart Readers

英検でレベル分けした、日本人のための英文リーダーRead Smart Readers, a NEW Reader Series based on EIKEN levels

これまで、graded readers と呼ばれるレベル別英文リーダーは、大半が海外の洋書出版社の手で「全世界の英語学習者」へ向けて刊行されてきました。しかし、学習者の語学レベルやその背景にある英語教育事情は、国・地域によって千差万別です。そのため、従来のgraded readersが、常に日本人英語学習者のニーズにぴったり当てはまるとは限りませんでした。

Read Smart Readers「[レベル別]英語ポケット文庫」は、最初から日本人英語学習者のレベルや志向に照準を絞って企画・編集された英文リーダーシリーズです。本シリーズでは、レベル分けの主な基準を「実用英語技能検定」(以下「英検」)の級に置いています。英検は周知の通り、50年以上にわたり、日本の英語教育で大きな役割を担ってきた評価基準です。

本シリーズでは、独自のコーパス(語彙データベース)に基づいて英文中の使用単語が選定されています。このコーパスは、過去数年分の英検のテスト問題を級別に分析し、構築されたものです。加えて、同じく英検の過去問題の分析に基づき、使われる文法事項や文の長短などの基準が設けられ、それらを基に、裏表紙に示した5 レベルが設定されています。

本シリーズはまた、内容面からRead Japan とRead the World という 2つのサブカテゴリーに分かれています。Read Japanでは日本や日本人 をテーマに据え、Read the Worldでは幅広く世界へ目を向けています。
自分の英語レベルと興味に合った作品を選び、辞書を引かずに読み進めていく――まずはそうした多読・速読のための素材としてRead Smart Readers を活用してみてください。一方、巻末の単語リストには、当該レベルの使用基幹語が網羅されています。このリストで意味を確認 しながら読めば、精読的なアプローチで英文を攻略することもできます。
学習者の皆さんが、自らの英語レベルをきちんと認識・把握しつつ、 英語を読む楽しさや英語が分かる喜びを味わい、そして着実に英語力を向上させていかれることを祈念しています。

This new graded reading series has been specifically written for English learners here in Japan. Attention has been paid to vocabulary, grammar and story length to ensure students' progress with confidence. All 5 levels of the Read Smart Readers' 5 have been carefully graded based on the criterion of EIKEN (実用英語技能検定). Read Smart Readers consists of two categories, 'Read Japan' and 'Read the World'. In the 'Read Japan' category, it focuses on Japan-related topics and in 'Read the World', the readers explore more international topics and stories. A Japanese glossary can be found in the back of each reader and a translation of the entire reader can be downloaded from the Read Smart Readers website. We encourage learners to enjoy reading without using dictionaries and to choose the readers based on their level and interests. Read Smart Readers are suitable for both extensive reading and intensive reading.


Read Smart Readers [レベル別]英語ポケット文庫 Grading Chart


Level 1

Campfire Ghost Stories
Campfire Ghost Stories
A group of four high school students go camping in the woods. They sit around the fire at night. Then, one by one the students tell each other a traditional ghost story. But as their stories end, they soon find out they are part of their own scary story.

Level 2

Conspiracy Theories
Conspiracy Theories
世界「とんでも」 陰謀説
Selected famous conspiracy theories from around the world are explained.
Culture Shock in Japan
“I remember going to my very first Karaoke box and asking my friends ? where is the audience? I remember being very surprised that the small room we were sat in was not in fact the waiting room but where we would sing songs in front of our friends.” This graded reader will show Japan through the eyes of people who have lived here and answer the question of the different kinds of culture shock foreigners have experienced here and how they overcame it.
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  • Homestay in Australia
    Homestay in Australia
    Two Japanese high school graduates travel to Australia for a short study tour where they stay with a homestay family. They enjoy making new friends and learning about the Aussie way of life. They also go through the difficulties of missing loved ones and understanding a new culture. Luckily the homestay family is there to guide them through the ups and downs. This story has useful tips for students thinking about studying in Australia.
    Homestay in the UK
    This is a story about a Japanese university student who comes to England on a homestay to study English. The story focuses on the main characters adventures from landing at Heathrow airport, to using the tube, to meeting the homestay family and studying. The story will feature the many cultural mistakes the student makes on the trip, how these are resolved, what is learned by studying abroad, and the friendships that are made.
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  • Homestay in the USA
    Homestay in the USA
    アメリカ・ ホームステイ日記
    A Japanese college student goes to the United States to study English.
    Ice Station at the End of the World
    北海道出身の2 人の大学生が、自分たちの大学の教授と共に南極昭和基地へ赴いた。彼らはそこでエネルギーに関する調査に携わったが、思わぬ不運に見舞われる――実際に南極で日本や諸外国の手で行われている調査活動を下敷きにした、スリル満点の冒険ストーリー。
    Two university students from Hokkaido join their professor on an ill-fated energy research project at Showa polar base in Antarctica. The story combines real elements of Antarctic geography and the research being done by Japan and other countries in Antarctica with an adventure story.
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  • Japanese Communities around the World
    This book tells the history of the world’s largest and most important Nikkei communities: Canada, the U.S., Peru and Argentina. In this book, the author outlines the reasons for the Japanese Diaspora, and explains why there are fewer Japanese communities abroad than English ones.
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    Level 3

    The Bradfield Push ? Sherlock Holmes 1
    This book describes an early adventure of Sherlock Holmes, in which he and Doctor Watson enter London's high society in order to investigate a mysterious series of jewellery thefts. In this adventure, where Holmes battles a "push", Watson loses his watch to one woman, and his heart to another. Sherlock Holmes can retrieve one of these, but not the other.
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  • Click and Other Japanese Tales
    今の日本に暮らす老人たちを描いた短編。 ●『カシャッ』写真を1日1枚撮る。20年間の記憶がきちんとアルバムに整理されている。テラダ夫人のカメラは何もかもを目撃しているのだ。 ●『サカモト夫人の雷鳥』サカモト夫人は新しい銘柄のウィスキーを近所の店の棚に見つける。そのことが、予想外の結末をもたらす。
    A collection of short stories of the older generation living in contemporary. ?Click: One photograph every day. The memories of 20 years, all neatly arranged in albums. Mrs. Terada's camera sees everything. ?Mrs Sakamoto's Grouse: When Mrs. Sakamoto sees a new brand of whisky on the shelves of her local neighborhood shop, the result is unexpected.
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  • Haircuts and Another Japanese Tale
    今の日本に暮らす老人たちを描いた短編。 ●『ケイコの家』一軒の古い家とその歴史、そしてそこに暮らしてきた人々の過去を描く。 ●『散髪』92 歳のカトウ氏は、これまでとは別の理髪師に散髪を任せることにした。そのことが彼の人生に驚くべき変化をもたらすことになる。
    A collection of short stories of the older generation living in contemporary Japan. ?Keiko's House: An old house, its history, and the history of those who have lived there in the past. ?Haircuts: When 92-year-old Mr. Kato changes his barber, his life takes on a surprising new meaning.
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  • This is Facebook
    いまや文字通り世界一のSNS となったフェイスブック。急成長を遂げた同サービスの道のりを描くとともに、フェイスブックの利用の仕方やフェイスブックページを立ち上げるうえでの実践的なアイデア、アプリケーションの使い方などを提案する。
    This graded reader tells the story of Facebook and its explosion as the number one social-networking service. It also explains to the reader how to use Facebook and provide some practical ideas for setting up a facebook page and getting started using the site or application.
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    Level 4

    The Story of the Kennedys — From Ireland to Japan
    The World of “Anne of Green Gables”
    This book introduces you to the wonderful world of Anne of Green Gables. It includes sketches of the important people and places in the stories, some interesting information about fashion, school and life as it was lived by people at the time, and tells some of the scenes and incidents in the books. There are also biographies of Anne’s creator, Lucy Maud Montgomery, and the first Japanese translator of the stories, Hanako Muraoka.
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    Level 5

    The Story of the Kennedys - From Ireland to Japan
    The Story of the Kennedys traces the family from 19th century Ireland to 21st century Japan. Driven by an ambition to excel and a strong sense of family, the Kennedys have served the United States of America as Ambassadors, Senators, Cabinet officers and President. The stories of Joe, Jack, Bobby, Ted, Caroline and more are all presented here.
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